Please Join Mothers for Africa on our 2nd Annual Trip to Africa 

Travel With A Queen and Be Treated Like Royalty

Travel to Africa with someone you trust and experienced in taking groups out of the


Please see above pictures and video from our October 2016 trip to Ghana 

Join us for our African From the Diaspora Spirituality Tour

Benin/ Ghana / Nigeria 
November 23, 2018 - December 8, 2018

We will make travel arrangements for you to join us from wherever you live!

Please see Flyer Below


Above image person Initiated into the Priesthood from our village 2016 trip

Also, please allow us to coordinate a private trip to Ghana for you while staying at the Royal House Bed and Breakfast

​​The Royal House is in Ghana, Cape Coast, Central Region, it's clean, close to beach and Kankum river with hiking trails.  It is close to Cape Coast Castle/Dungeon and El mina Castle/Dungeon, it has hot water which is rare for these parts and it is only $35 a night per person! 

Why did we start the trips?  Because during our humanitarian works and travels the people would say time and time again thank you but we need money, jobs, business and stability.  So we have been on a constant mission to do just that, create income for the people which is more liberating then a handout, we continue to next work with people in the states to partner with Africans in business to create stability, not just in Africa but in the African Diaspora.  We also, make sure that the people who work with us are provided with more than fare money.  10% of all proceeds go towards Mothers for Africa Charitable works!

Please contact us by e-mail,

or call us at 626-376-2239

Thank you for considering us for your traveling choice

Our first guest at the Royal House Valentena Loved her stay with us

Our 2nd guest wanted to live like he was Ghanaian on so we provided that, again had a wonderful time on the trip, our guest is on the left, enjoying himself at a Ghanaian wedding