​​Finding Spirit Radio Talk Show - The Re-birth

Re-birthing African Love, Culture & Consciousness   

Queen Mother Nana was born Stacey Marie Cole in Los Angeles California. She currently resides in California.  At an early age, she developed a love for music and played 1st chair clarinet for Locke High School one of Los Angeles’s premier award winning marching band, jazz band and orchestra. She studied psychology in college.  

She is a Pan Africanist and student of African History and Culture.  In honor of her Ancestors she legally changed her name to an African name. 

Nehanda and her mother co-founded Mothers for Africa the Nana Sekyiaabea Foundation in 2006. Her first project was assisting in building a new school in her village, which she proudly completed the construction of a new school in 2009. In January of 2010 during the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake Mothers for Africa organized an emergency humanitarian group trip to Haiti.  The organization raised money to purchase rice, medical supplies and clothes and conducted mobile health clinics utilizing volunteer doctors and nurses.  This trip created two new programs, The Child Sponsorship Program, and Micro Business Loans. In 2009 her dear friend son of Patrice Lumumba the first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) educated her on the genocide taking place in his country.  In 2011 Nehanda traveled alone to the conflict zone in the DRC.  This resulted to extending the Child Sponsorship & Micro Loan programs in the DRC. 

In October of 2016 she organized her First Annual group trip to Ghana.  The success of the trip was groundbreaking for many of its attendees. They met with African American Expats and Ghanaians who conducted seminars on Trade and Commerce and how to start a business in Ghana.  

Nehanda hosted a radio talk show called “Finding Spirit” in 2005 and 2006 where she interviewed notables in the African Diaspora discussing issues that impacted the African Diaspora. Nehanda has been featured in several newspapers, and has spoken at numerous town halls, radio interviews and universities, such as UCLA, California State University- Northridge, California State University- Dominquez Hills, Los Angeles Trade Tech and sat on panels at the Annual Pan African Global Trade and Investment Conference.  

Nehanda’s hobbies include acting; reading and cycling.  In 2016 she was nominated for Best Actress in a Drama at the Los Angeles Nollywood Film Awards and has appeared in a few Nollywood movies. 

Nehanda's biggest accomplishment is being the proud mother of  3 beautiful children.

Nanabanyin was born in Elmina Ghana, Central Region.  He is a Pan Africanist and currently resides in Cape Coast Ghana.  He is a Fante by birth.  He received his Sr. High School education at Harris School Complex, in Cape Coast.  He received his College Degree from Cape Coast Technical University, in Tourism.  

He has been a Tour Guide and organizes group tours for many years.  He was once stationed at Assin Manso Slave Heritage Site (Slave River).  

He spent time as a Home Teacher for children ages 8 through 14 years old.  

He is a part of a video production team called "Cultural Links", where he works as an Art Director,  and Sound Man in Music Video's, Documentaries, Movies and T.V. Shows.  He has also premiered in some of his productions as an Actor.  Some of his list of credits are:

Music Video: Tare' Tare' by Artist Yaa Pono

Music Video: Package by Boggy Wenesday

T.V. Series: Burning Desires, Coastal TV

Documentary: 100 African Americans in the Diaspora

Currently he co-ownes a Bed and Breakfast in Cape-Coast Ghana that he combines with his love for tourism which offers great package deals.  He also specializes in package deals for Africans in the Diaspora who are repatriating home.   

Nanabanyin also enjoys working out and is a personal trainer.  He also loves to read, and his favorite subject is African History, culture and customs, he enjoys football, playing volley ball and table tennis.

He also enjoys dancing and used to be a part of a dance group.   


Finding Spirit was re-establish to bring attention to current events in the African Diaspora. 10% of and profit gained from this show goes toward supporting Mothers for Africa the Nana Sekyiaabea Foundation.


Queen Mother Nana Akosua Sekyiaabea I, Ankobeahemea                                                     Nanabanyin Cobbinah

               Nehanda Nzingha Sankofa-Ra

​​Starts January 5, 2018

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​​​About Finding Spirit

Finding Spirit talk shows first aired in 2005 and 2006 hosted by Queen Mother Nana Akosua Sekyiaabea.  Show ended in late 2006.  The show covered topics regarding the African Diaspora, such as African Spirituality, African Culture, African History, Black business empowerment, Politics and much more.  The show interviewed popular guest in the African Diaspora such as son of Patrice Lumumba, (Guy Patrice Lumumba), Harriet Washington Author of Medical Apartheid, Francis Bok author of book Escape from Slavery, Dr. Delbert Blair, Bobby Hemett, Ashra Kwesi, African Priest and many more, covering our past, present and future.

Finding Spirit is back but as Finding Spirit the Re-brith, with the Queen and new co-host Nanabanyin Cobbinah  to bring that much needed duality of male and female energy while bringing stories that impact the African Diaspora, so please take a journey with us every Friday night or Saturday morning depending on where you are listening from.  

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