Nehanda Nzingha Sankofa-Ra

Queen Mother Nana Akosua Sekyiaabea I, Ankobeahemea   

Mothers for Africa would like to thank God and our King for enstooling or the installment of  Queen Mother Nana, for without them none of this would be possible.  Thank you your highness. 

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Join Mothers for Africa the Nana Sekyiaabea Foundation on our 2nd Annual Trip To  Africa

Travel to Africa with someone you know and trust and experienced in taking groups out of the country

​November 23 - December 11, 2017


Currently we are in need of school supplies such as paper, pencils, and light weight math books, for more information please call us at 626-376-2239

We do a lot to improve life for communities in need!


  Our Mission is for the continuous development of Africa, the African Diaspora and its people. 

President of Mothers for Africa the Nana Sekyiaabea Foundation

Mothers for Africa the Nana Sekyiaabea Foundation has taken on great challenges such as sponsoring children to go to school in Haiti and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Congo).  We also have provided micro loans to women in Haiti who lost everything after the earthquake and to rape survivors in the Congo.

Mothers for Africa was established by co-finders, mother and daughter team Cheryl Faheem and Nehanda Sankofa-Ra.  In 2004 while Nehanda was on vacation in Ghana she met  a Chief named Nana Asah Ohene Semeshia II.  They later befriended each other and the Chief admired her knowledge, compassion and love for Africa.  Later he contacted her and advised her that he and the other Royals had performed a traditional reading that indicated that she was a descendant from the Royal Family in there village.  They asked her if she would be enstooled as a Queen Mother in their village.  At first reluctant she spoke with Ghanaian Americans that advised her that it would be a honor.  Nehanda accepted the honor and it was quite a spectacular event.  Her enstoolment was televised and covered by the local newspapers.  While in Ghana Cheryl and Nehanda saw the poor condition of the village and wanted to find ways to help.  The idea of starting a non profit was formulated.  Cheryl thought of the name Mothers for Africa and the Chief suggested the name Nana Sekyiaabea who was a Queen Mother from their village in the 16th century.  Sekyiaabea allowed missionaries to teach Christianity to the village and left with American Missionaries never to return.  It was this Queen Nehanda (Nana) was named after.  Although Nehanda (Nana) was at first reluctant to take such a position it has turned out to be very rewarding for her.  There you have it the making of Mothers for Africa the Nana Sekyiaabea Foundation.  In October of 2015 Nehanda (Nana) had her DNA tested and 13% came from this area in Ghana.  

Since then the foundation has helped with the development of a school in Ghana, traveled to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake to help children go to school, eat and provide micro loans for women.  In 2009 Nehanda met the son of Patrice Lumumba who influence them into helping the Congo.  In 2011 Nehanda (Nana) flew to the conflict zone in the Congo to better understand how Mothers for Africa could assist with the genocide in the Congo.  It was decided to duplicate their efforts in Haiti and and began sponsoring children to go to school and providing micro loans to rape survivors in the Congo. 

During Nehanda's (Nana's) travels she always heard the same sentiment from the people, thank you they would say but we need jobs, can you help us.  This was also the same sentiment she heard all her life growing up in Los Angeles.  Being a fan of the late honorable Marcus Garvey she thought of these trips to combine the two communities with a common goal "Economic Independence".  Please join us on our October 2017 Trip to Ghana as we explore the possibilities of expanding on Garvey's dream while we help our sponsored village to build a much needed clinic!  

​Mothers for Africa the Nana Sekyiaabea Foundation has been honored with many awards over the years, but we could not have accomplished this without the hard work of so many good hearted people.  Thank you all and we look forward to your generous sponsorship in the future.  

Please join our $10 Pay Day Challenge, by donating $10 or more on your pay day to help us construct our much needed new clinic in our village in Ghana.

Thank you for your continued support for Mothers for Africa throughout the years!